Postdoc Connections

Making connections amongst postdocs and within the postdoc community is important. The following resources and venues are helpful for staying informed and establishing relationships:

Postdoctoral Update Newsletter

Periodically issued by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.Join the Postdoc Listserv to receive a copy via e-mail. Or view the Newsletter online.

College Contacts

Find the help you need for postdoc questions and issues in your college by contacting your college contacts.

Postdoc Listserv

Join the postdoc listserv to receive e-mail and updates like the Postdoctoral Update Newsletter.

Postdoc Profiles

Learn more about UF postdocs. Share your information on the site as well!

Have something to share?  Join the !

Gainesville Postdocs Facebook Page

Join this Facebook group for Gainesville area postdocs to make connections and stay informed.

Gainesville Postdocs LinkedIn Page

A LinkedIn group has been established to connect with postdocs and those in the Gainesville postdoc community. Join the group here.