Postdoc Profile: Alvina Mehinto



Age: 28 Hometown: France

Degrees: B.A. in Marine Biology from the University of Portsmouth in England; Ph.D. in Environmental Biology from the University of Exeter in England

Alvina Mehinto has been at the University of Florida since 2010 as a postdoctoral associate in environmental toxicology. In the College of Veterinary Medicine, Alvina works in the Center for Environmental and Human Toxicology performing research in Dr. Nancy Denslow's lab. Her research is primarily in toxicogenomics using microarrays to understand how environmental pollutants affect gene expression as well as reproduction in fish. She also does bioinformatics analyses to study pathways of toxicity and predict the adverse effects of environmental pollutants in higher vertebrates.

Outside of the lab, she likes to travel, dance, snorkel, watch basketball and go horseback riding whenever she can.

Her long-term career goal is to work in industry or an environmental agency as a regulatory eco-toxicologist or environmental consultant.



Profile by Hannah Swerdloff