Postdoc Profile: Giacomo Ciani


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of Physics


Departmental Website:

Age:  34

Hometown: San Casciano V.P., Florence, Italy

Area of Research: Gravitational Waves (experimental)


B.S. in 2003 in physics and M.S. in 2004 in applied physics from the University of Pisa.

Ph.D. in physics in 2007 from the University of Trento, Italy.

I have been at the University of Florida since 2009 as a postdoctoral associate in the LIGO group at the department of Physics, and have been recently hired as an assistant scientist.
After obtaining my M.D. with a thesis in medical physics, since my PhD I've been working at the development, building an commissioning of space- and ground-based gravitational waves detectors, large and extremely high precision instruments that use sophisticated optical and mechanical technologies in an effort to detect the faint distortions of space-time (1/100 the size of an atom over a distance of a billion miles!) generated by powerful astronomical events.

Curious about everything, even more than I like technology I enjoy any type of outdoor activity, nature and... mountains (that makes life a little hard in Florida!); basketball, biking, hiking and paragliding are among my preferred sports. I also love to travel, possibly out of the beaten path. Being Italian, I really enjoy cooking and consuming good food! I'm really good at the second, not sure about the first...

E-mail Address: ciani @