Postdoc Profile: Justin Bickford

justin-bickfordAge: 32

Hometown: Hollywood, FL

Field of Study:  Molecular Biology - Medicine

Degrees: B.A. Chemistry from University of South Florida; Ph.D. Biomedical Science from the University of Florida College of Medicine

Justin Bickford has been at the University of Florida since 2002, preceded by working as an engineer with Bellsouth. After working as a technician in molecular biology at UF, he went on to earn a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science. As a postdoctoral associate, Justin researches gene regulation, the transcriptional effects of exogenous DNA, and finally research to determine the regulation and purpose of the PLA2G4C gene. When he’s not researching, Justin enjoys looking for new things to learn inside and outside of the lab.


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Profile by Hannah Swerdloff