Postdoc Profile: Pradip Kamat

Age:  38

Hometown:  India

Area of Research:  Neuroscience

College:  Medicine - Center for Translational Research in Neurodegenerative Disease

Degrees:  BS in 2004 from AAI (DU) Allahabad, India; MS in 2006 from OUAT, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India; PhD in 2013 from Central Drug Research Institute and Jamia Hamdard University, India

Dr. Pradip Kamat Kamat born in state of Bihar (India). He successfully completed hisr Master Degree in 2006, from Orissa Univesrsity of Agriculture and technology (Orissa).  He was awarded his PhD in 2013, from Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow, India in association with Jamia Hamdard University (New Delhi)  in the field of Biochemistry. 

During his PhD, his work was on Okadaic acid induced neurodegeneration and Alzhiemers Disease related pathology. 

He worked as a post doctoral research associate at the University of Louisville from October 2012-June 2015.  He is continuing his post doc work at the University of Florida since June 2015, and his work is on Cerebrovascular pathology and cerebral stroke.