Submission Guidelines for Postdoctoral Update

The Postdoctoral Update e-Newsletter is published every Tuesday by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. Submissions should be provided at least a week prior to the publication issue date.

If you wish to submit something for publication in the Postdoctoral Update, please follow these guidelines:

  • E-mail all submissions to 
  • Please include contact information within the body of your submission
    • Examples:
      • For more information, please contact: _____ OR
      • For more information, please visit our website: _______
    • If possible, please host any attachments on your website with a web reference (URL) provided. If it is necessary to provide an attachment, it will be linked within the text of your post.  Please provide attachments in .PDF format, and provide the linking text within your text.
    • Examples:
      • The application for this can be found on our website:
      • The application (linked text) can be found here (linked text). [.pdf document provided]
  • All submissions for the Postdoctoral Update should contain information that benefits the University of Florida postdoctoral community.
  • All events or programs in the Update should be UF sponsored or related.