UF Postdoctoral Editors Association

We provide free, confidential editing of manuscripts, abstracts, grant proposals, and slides/posters for meetings or other scholarly writings.

Editor-in-Chief: Harneet Arora, PT, PhD, Department of Physical Therapy, College of Public Health & Health Professions

The UF Postdoctoral Editors Association is comprised of postdoctoral associates and fellows and sponsored by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. This group enhances scholarly communication by assisting postdoctoral authors with editing of written documents for language usage, punctuation, and organization. This service is most advantageous to postdoctoral scholars for whom English is a second language, but the service is open and free to all postdoctoral associates and fellows at the University of Florida. Our goal is to facilitate postdoc-mentor interactions during the writing process by minimizing time spent on basic writing skills. Our volunteer editors primarily review submissions for clarity of meaning; we offer no or minimal critical review of manuscripts because this content should reflect the original thinking of the postdoctoral scholar and their mentor(s).

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Postdoc Editors:

Agricultural and Life Sciences
Indu Tripathi
Mehmet Oz
Andrew Nguyen
Whalen Dillon
Fernanda Vasconcelos


Kacoli Banerjee
Ana C. Bohórquez


Florida Museum of Natural History
Gaurav Vaidya


Sudhir Rai
Carla Mavian
Cara Croft
Barbara Perez


Laura Hanold


Public Health and Health Professions
Harneet Arora
Jessica Slade


Veterinary Medicine
Banikalyan Swain
Hedwin Kitdorlang Dkhar

Interested in volunteering to edit?

Please contact the Editor-in-Chief at harora@phhp.ufl.edu