Frequently Asked Questions - General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new postdoc at UF. Where can I find information about settling in to Gainesville?

Information about area resources and acclimating to the Gainesville area are available on the Postdoc Life at UF page.

What does UF provide for my professional and career development?

Numerous workshops and career development resources are available for postdocs at UF. The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs provides a Postdoc Development Workshop series covering topics like developing a teaching and research statement, and how to get published in a highly rated journal. Other opportunities for professional development are listed on the Programs and Events section of the Postdoc Web site:

What does UF provide for postdocs for social opportunities?

Postdocs serving on the Postdoctoral Affairs Advisory Committee coordinate different postdoc social events throughout the year.  Information about postdoc social events are emailed out on the postdoc listserv.  Additionally, postdocs are encouraged to utilize the resources available on the Postdoc Life Web site, which provides information about leisure resources and activities in the Gainesville area.

How is the postdoc listserv maintained?

The postdoc listserv is generated automatically and updated automatically with anyone who has "postdoc" in their title.  A separate readers list is maintained by the OPA for anyone who is not a postdoc who wishes to receive the information sent out on the listserv.  E-mail Lily Lewis to join the postdoc readers listserv.

Where can I go for help if I have a problem or complaint?

Depending on the nature of your problem, you may need to address the issue with an administrative unit on campus (such as Human Resource Services) or your department or college.  Contact one of your postdoc college contacts, or Lily Lewis in the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs for help.

Can a postdoc use the services of the UF Ombuds?

No, only if the postdoc is taking courses at UF.

I am a postdoc and wish to audit a class at UF. What is the process for auditing?

You may audit a course as long as the instructor and dean of the college offering the course agree.  Information on auditing courses at UF can be found here. Postdocs may also register for course as non-degree students for eligible courses. 

What are my rights as a renter in the state of Florida?

Rights and duties of tenants (renters) in the State of Florida are outlined here by the Florida Bar.

Where can I get a UF business card?

Business cards can be ordered at this site:, but one should check with their department first as to department or college protocol for business cards.

Where can I find out information about filing taxes?

Tax resource information is available on this site on the OPA website:

I am looking for funding for postdoc travel. Are there any awards available at the University level or through the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs?

Currently there is no funding available at the university level, including the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, for postdoc travel.  The UF Office of Research's Research Funding Opportunities newsletter is produced each Friday and may provide information on travel funding opportunities as well as other funding opportunities.  If not already signed up, one may sign up for the weekly newsletter here:

Where can I find information and resources to help with developing my teaching skills?

Teaching resources for postdocs are available here:

General teaching assistance for teaching at UF is available on the Teaching Assistance website:

What is a postdoc?

The definitions of a Postdoctoral Associate and Postdoctoral Fellow are articulated in the University of Florida Regulations, 7.003: Academic Personnel Employment Plan: Academic Appointments, Types of Appointments, Appointment Status Modifiers, and Academic-Administrative Classification Titles.

Postdoctoral Associate(Specialty OPS title).  The appointee shall have received the doctorate in a field appropriate to the assigned duties and responsibilities. This appointment is used when the individual renders compensable services to the University and is assigned specific duties and responsibilities. Such appointments are temporary, and appointees to these specialty OPS titles shall have no continuing contractual relationship with the University. Postdoctoral associates may be appointed for up to four (4) years. Appointments of the postdoctoral associate beyond four (4) years will acquire approval of the Senior Vice President of the area requesting the appointment.

Postdoctoral Fellow. The appointee shall have received the doctorate in a field appropriate to the position offered. The appointment is for the individual’s further experience in research and teaching and is generally limited to two (2) or three (3) years. To qualify for a fellowship exemption under the Federal income tax laws, no assigned duties and responsibilities or services can be required other than those which are an integral part of the Fellow’s program in research and teaching. Appointees to these positions shall have no continuing contractual relationship with the University.

Can a postdoc participate in outside consulting?

As long as a postdoc completes an Outside Activity Form and there is no conflict of interest, postdocs may participate in outside consulting.

Is there free legal assistance available for postdocs?

At this time, there is no free legal assistance available to postdocs.  The university can provide assistance to postdocs on the issue of intellectual property in which case the Office of Technology Licensing can provide assistance.

Do you have a question you think might be helpful to address on this FAQ site? Please e-mail Lily Lewis ( the question (and appropriate answer if you have it).