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Principal Investigator Eligibility: Postdocs are not eligible to be a Principal Investigator (PI) at UF unless they have a UF eligible PI serve as Co-Principal Investigator (internally or as part of the formal grant application) and have written approval from the Department Chair and Division of Sponsored Programs.

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Pivot Supports reserach profiles, provides a comprehensive database of funding opporutnities, and includes the option to set up funding alerts. All members of the UF Community can recieve a free membership by logging in with Gatorlink credentials. You can find information on how to use the Pivot database here

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Selection of Recurrent Postdoctoral Funding Opportuntites.

For an exhaustive list, search the Pivot and UF Funding Opportunities Databases. 

NSF Special Programs for Postdoctoral Fellows

These programs provide either direct (i.e., from NSF) or indirect (i.e., from an awardee institution) funding for Postdcos or identify programs that focus on educational developments for Postdocs such as curricula development, training or retention. This list of opportunities covers a variety of discliplins. 

Cancer Research Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Cancer Research Institute recognizes that getting to the next great breakthrough in cancer treatment will require continued investment in fundamental research and training. CRI therefore invites postdoctoral fellows working in both fundamental immunology and tumor immunology to apply for funding.

Keck Graduate Institute Corporate Postdoctoral Residency Program

The Corporate Postdoctoral Residency Program is the first of its kind combining corporate postdoctoral residency opportunities with KGI's bioscience business management curriculum.

NIH Pathway to Independence (PI) Award (K99/R00)

The NIH Pathway to Independence Award will provide up to five years of support consisting of two phases. The initial phase will provide 1-2 years of mentored support for highly promising, postdoctoral research scientists. This phase will be followed by up to 3 years of independent support contingent on securing an independent research position. The PI Award is limited to postdoctoral trainees.

LAM Foundation Career Development Research Grant

The objective of this grant is to provide support for postdoctoral research fellows who are starting their research careers and are working in the laboratories of established researchers or conducting research with the mentorship of established researchers.

Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Development Grants

MDA Development Grants are awarded to senior postdoctoral researchers on the brink of becoming independent investigators, and are intended as seed money to help launch the scientific programs of promising new neuromuscular disease researchers. Development grants total $60,000 per year, for one to three years.

American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship

To enhance the integrated research and clinical training of postdoctoral applicants who are not yet independent. The applicant must be embedded in an appropriate research group with the mentorship, support, and relevant scientific guidance of a research sponsor.

Kauffman Foundation Grants

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation focuses grant making and operations on two areas — educational achievement and entrepreneurial success — which founder, Ewing Kauffman, believed were critical in developing self-sufficient people and a vibrant economy and society.

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

We promote academic cooperation between excellent scientists and scholars from abroad and from Germany. Whether you are a young postdoctoral researcher at the beginning of your academic career, an experienced, established academic, or even a world authority in your discipline - our research fellowships and research awards offer you sponsorship tailored to you and to your career situation.

Updated June 2018