Teaching Resources for Postdocs

Many postdoc appointments do not include teaching responsibilities, however, teaching experience will likely make you more competitve if you choose to pursure a career as a faculty member. If you are interested in gaining teaching experience during your postdoctoral training, we encourage you to first speak with your PI to gain their support. Be prepared to discuss how teaching during your postdoctoral appointment will help you reach your career goals and how it will effect your research productivity. 

If you have the support of your PI to pursue teaching opportunities, you might then consider reaching out to your Department Chair. They will be able to help connect you with teaching opportunites. Consider asking your Department Chair about taking on teaching duties for faculty on sabatical or leave. 

Selected Teaching Opportunties at UF for all disciplines: 

First Year Florida (FYF) is the University of Florida’s signature course for first-year undergraduate students.  First Year Florida is a students guide to academic success.  These one credit courses feature small class sizes and an upper classmen mentor, a Peer Leader, to help new studetns adjust to their new home. Find out how to become a FYF instructor.

The Honors College (un)Common Reads Program offers a large number of one credit seminar courses centered on a great book or art exhibit/performance. Learn more about teaching opportunites in the Honors College and recent (un)Common Reads offerings. To apply to teach an (un)Common Reads seminar, you can submit a proposal to the UF Honors Program Director Dr. Mark Law.  Deadlines are usually early in the semester for the following semester. 

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships are becoming more common. The National Postdoctoal Association provides information about Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships and how to search for them.

If you are looking for resources to improve your teaching: 

Office of Faculty Development & Teaching Excellence

Center for Instructional Technology and Training (CITT)

UFIT Training - Includes information about using Lynda.com training resources, which are Free for the UF Community. 

Updated June 2018