Postdoc Writing Community
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The Postdoc Writing Community is open to all UF Postdocs and includes a weekly Virtual Writing Retreat with a supportive community of peers to help you stay on track with your writing goals.

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Virtual Writing Retreats - What to Expect

Every Thursday 2-4pm

The UF Postdoc Writing Community hosts weekly virtual writing retreats to help you meet your writing goals in a supportive community of peers. Virtual writing retreats will be held every Thursday, 2pm - 4pm. Each session consists of a 15 minute group check-in at the beginning of the session, 90 minutes of writing, and a 15 minute group check-out at the end of the session. Check-in’s are for the purpose of setting writing goals, leveraging peer accountability, and sharing strategies for overcoming resistance to writing. Retreats are not instructional, but if you are encountering barriers to your writing productivity, the community can help you find resources and tools to keep you writing.